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Senior Specials

We have an anonymous donor who has offered to pay the adoption fee for any of these seniors (9 and older). AZBR will implant a microchip and register your new pet. Total cost of your new furever friend....$25. What a DEAL!

Bagel (age 9)

My name is Bagel and I am an 9 year old adorable female beagle mix. I am not good with small children. I do not like them hanging on me. BUT I am great with other people. I love to snuggle and just chill out. I am housebroken, kennel and leash trained. I am not too good with other dogs. I prefer the laid back type of dog and got along with the other dog I was living with. I am looking for a new forever home soon. Please ask to meet me.

Bearett (age 13)

My name is Bearett and I am a 13 year old beagle boy who was abandoned in Casa Grande. My foster mom says that I am a very loving boy. I ride nicely in the car, have great table manners for a beagle, and I take treats gently from your hand. I will paw gently at your arm if I want to be pet, and I just like to be around my people! I would do great as an only dog, though one other submissive (non-alpha) dog is something I could live with. I do like to rule my home! I do need to be fed separately as I eat slow and will growl if someone else comes near my food. But isn't that every beagle?

Benson (age 14)

Hi, I'm BENSON. I'm 14 years old, always been around family and was recently surrendered because my family was moving. I was at a foster home with other doggies but got attacked by a youngster, so now I'm at a house with lots of kids and no other pets. I'm a quick learner. The kids taught me with treats! I'm a well mannered beagle, my foster mommy lets me roam around freely because I've earned it. I enjoy, watching every one come and go while I lay on the couch or peacefully stare from the floor. When things get to noisy I will retreat to my kennel. I have big dreamy eyes that will bewitch you. You will rarely hear me bark, unless I'm locked in a kennel, or outside, responding to other noisy pups. You know, with my years and my experience I know what a family is and how to behave at home. If I become part of your family, I'll be a quiet companion, loyal, loving companion that will lie close to you wherever you are and only seek your attention to go out potty. At my return I will show my gratitude by staring at you with my dreamy eyes so you know how thankful I am to have a family and a place to call home!

Charlie Chaplin (age 12)

My name is Charlie Chaplain and I am a 12 year older beagle gentleman. I am now in a loving foster home. I am pretty low keyed, housebroken, like car rides, can use the doggie door and walk well on a leash. I get along with kids and other dogs. However, I DO NOT like any other dog trying to take my food so I need to be feed by myself. Please, please ask to meet me. I would love a new forever home soon.

Harley Boy (age 12)

My name is Harley Boy, and I am a criminal. A sweet, loveable and handsome criminal--but a criminal nonetheless. My problem is I love food. My foster mother calls me "food obsessed." And I am really, really smart. Why, just the other day, I finally figured out how to open the refrigerator. But that's not all I do. I am very helpful around the house, too. I like to go to the hamper and pull out the clothes, and then roll around with them. Besides opening the refrigerator and helping with the laundry, I enjoy lounging on the sofa and going for walks and just generally being an all-around nice, charming, lovable fellow. Will you be my partner in crime? I will test your wits, but I will love you unconditionally forever.

Shirley Temple (age 10)

My name is Shirley Temple and I am a 10 year old beagle girl who was rescued from the shelter by the wonderful volunteers at AZ Beagle Rescue. I am now in a loving foster home. Like the real Shirley Temple as a child I am also a cutie. I recently had a torn cruciate ligament repair and am recovering from that and doing well and can even take short walks. My foster Mom thinks I would be best in a home with only one other dog. I do not do so well with a lot of dogs around. I do get along with people though. We are not sure about cats. I hope you will ask to meet me as I sure would like to get into a forever home soon.

Stewart (age 11)

Hiya, Stewart here, a senior boy that came from the shelter. My foster family is really nice, and they say I am a good boy! My foster mom's nicknamed me 'Old Man Dog,' because my face is a very distinguished with all it's white. I love to be around people, kennel myself when I'm tired, and I love my nap time. I get along well with all the other dogs at home. I'm dog door trained and sleep on my very own doggie bed! So what do you think, would I fit in at your house? Please ask about meeting me today.

Sven (age 10)

The name's Sven, it's nice to meet you. I come to Arizona Beagle Rescue in my senior years because my human companion needed to move into an assisted living setting, and I was not able to go with. I am really sad to leave my dad, he's been my dad forever. I like to be the alpha dog in the household, and I will gladly play tag with my canine friends in the yard. I am, for the most part, a very easy going, go with the flow type of old man. A comfy bed, two good meals a day, and plenty of TLC. Do you have what it takes to give me a home?

Westin (age 12)

My name is Westin and I am a cute 12 year old beagle boy who came to AZ Beagle Rescue because I get stressed around young children, so my home is no longer a good fit for me. I am VERY good with kids over 10, it's just the little ones that stress me out. I love walks and just laying around, enjoying life to the fullest. I am housebroken and crate trained. I do well riding in the car, and I'm good around other dogs that share my laid back lifestyle. Do you think your home has room for me? I hope to meet you soon.


In need of FOSTERS!

AZBR is in desperate need of loving foster homes. We have beagles coming to us from the shelter's e-lists, owner releases, and all sorts of other places regularly. We often have beagles in boarding that need the attention they would receive in a home.

We could also benefit from foster homes that have no other dogs for a couple of the beagles in our care.

Please help us place all our beagles in temporary homes until they find their forever homes!e

Click here to find out more about fostering.


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